Hi, I’m Vicki, I create LOGO & BRAND DESIGN

for online business owners to captivate,

fascinate convert 

your audience.  

Do You Want A Brand…

  • that attracts and converts?
  • that makes you tell everyone about what you do?
  • that shows the world you are open for business?
  • that makes you look a pro and expert in your field?
  • that sets you apart and shines online?
  • that makes you look open for business?
  • that you wanna stick all over your social media channels?
  • that makes you hand over your business card with confidence?
  • that you love and connect with and want to promote the pants off?
  • that makes you show up on video and do lives every day?
  • that makes you feel confident and radiates your passion?
  • that turns you into brand magnet and drives customers to buy from you?

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What they say…


“My branding is SO me, I love it, pure and simple. It is perfect and flawless in every way and I am super proud to show it off to everyone. I want to say that working with Vicki is an ABSOLUTE JOY. She is super efficient and timely. She always delivers when she says she will. I never once had to chase her which makes me as a business owner feel completely at ease and reassured. Vicki is BRILLIANT at what she does and creates such AMAZING work. I definitely feel like I have been in BRANDING THERAPY and emerged super charged and ready to go get my business seen.”

Marie Fell

The Pilates Physio

FREE CANVA 2.0 COURSE: Beginners & New Features Canva Masterclass – 50 mins

This is a beginners course to Canva 2.0 as well as a look at all the new features that Canva 2.0 has to offer – so if you’ve never used it before I am gonna give you a walk around and explain all the little tips and tricks to get you started. If you’re struggling with Canva 2.0, want a whistle stop tour and shown the basics of how to get started with Canva 2.0 – then this FREE masterclass is for you.


How to Build Self-Confidence: It’s a Skill NOT a Gift

Did you know that building your self-confidence is a skill not a gift? But here's the thing... Your branding is gorgeous. (Of course, it is, if Vicki Nicolson has had anything to do with it!) You have captured your personality perfectly in your colours, images, font...

Top 4 daily habits to help you tap into your creativity

As a creative business entrepreneur, over-time, you’ll develop habits that you will use throughout your business to generate your ideas. Woooow – wait – but you’re not creative I hear you say! I guarantee you are and can't wait to share my daily habits to help you tap...

How my premade logos are just like a business planner

If you’ve been following me for a while then you’ll know my passion and excitement for The Happy Planner, which is an epic business planner that has helped me massively in terms of exploring how creatively I can run my business. The Happy Planner for me is a game...

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