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your audience.  

Hey… I’m Vicki, a branding designer and I get a kick out of creating awesome, attention-grabbing brands for women in business.

I’m super passionate about all things branding, from irresistible logo design, to exciting graphics and fantastic fonts that reflect you and your business perfectly.

Let’s turn up the volume on your brand, magnetise your customers, so you can stand out from the crowds and shine.



What they say…


“My branding is SO me, I love it, pure and simple. It is perfect and flawless in every way and I am super proud to show it off to everyone. I want to say that working with Vicki is an ABSOLUTE JOY. She is super efficient and timely. She always delivers when she says she will. I never once had to chase her which makes me as a business owner feel completely at ease and reassured. Vicki is BRILLIANT at what she does and creates such AMAZING work. I definitely feel like I have been in BRANDING THERAPY and emerged super charged and ready to go get my business seen.”

Marie Fell

The Pilates Physio

FREE COURSE: Complete Beginners Canva Masterclass – 30 mins

This is a COMPLETE BEGINNERS course to Canva – so if you’ve never used it before I am gonna give you a walk around and explain all the little tips and tricks to get you started. If you’re struggling with Canva, want a whistle stop tour and shown the basics of how to get started with Canva – then this masterclass is for you.


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