“To use my powers of creativity, psychic intuition and passion to design you a distinctive brand that’s striking and makes you shine online. It’s my mission to make you feel great about your business and empower you to stand tall and be proud of your beautiful business.”


Dreamy Scottish lilt, proud wife and mama, lip gloss addict – oh and I’m also a massive lemon curd on toast lover, wannabe beauty blogger and Broadway chorus line girl.

I Love:

  • Making your business look intriguing, captivating and fascinating.
  • Using my intuition to ensure that you get exactly what you want even when you don’t know what that is.
  • Supporting you to make your passion glow from the inside out.
  • Getting your branding right from the outset.
  • Getting inside your head and make your business come to life.
  • Working with you to make branding magic happen.
  • Getting you to think differently about your brand and what it means.
  • Designing a magnetic brand for you that converts your customers into paying ones.

Why me?

You’ve got a lot of choice when it comes to picking a branding designer: so I bet you’re reading this thinking – but what makes you different Vicki? There are hundreds, thousands – of graphic designers out there – so why should I choose to work with you?

My answer – because the hundreds of businesses I’ve branded, supported and helped have earned me a reputation as being the go-to branding girl – for being a real choice of value – for helping find that inner youness in your brand – and unleashing that magic sparkle you always knew was there but didn’t really know how to convey it.


What you’ll feel like…

I know for sure you’ll be overjoyed, excited and inspired working with me – you’ll adore the whole process and you’ll fall in love with your new brand, you’ll know how to use it and in turn you’ll get results – that’s fact.

I do have an uncanny and unique ability to not just design, but brand you in such a way that feels connected to you, it feels like you and reflects exactly who you are as a business – and person. And then I’m even more than that – I get to know you and understand you, your business and your market. And even more again – I offer you support, help and guidance – on marketing ideas, how to step into your brand, how to market like you mean it, what do to next… I support you in such a way – it’s wayyyyyyyy more than just brand design.

I also have this ability to get you out of the confusion zone – cause you might actually be in that place right now where you literally have not a single clue where to begin with your branding or what you want – and that’s ok – and just so you know – you don’t have to do anything or know anything or have any of it figured out – cause that’s my job.

Have you absolutely NO idea what you want your visual brand to look like? Where to begin? Or even what the heck you’re supposed to do with it anyway once you have it? You want to take your business to the next level but no idea where to start? Fed up DIYing and it’s just an all over the place brand that you’ve lost yourself?

You sound like you’re in Confusionville. Am I right? Then head here to a gorgeous little place I like to call – The Bright Side (it’s just links to the rest of my site – but it sounds fab right and it’s going to help you loads)…

Want to know more about me? Then read on…

With the dream of becoming a Forensic Scientist, I was told by my high school teachers to “take Art & Design to lighten the load a bit on the sciences.” Let’s just say that divine intervention happen for me that day – maybe more of a eureka moment actually! I had found my thing – design – my love – my, oooo I can’t get enough of this… so I took to watching CSI instead of becoming an actual CSI – and it’s probably just as well cause I never could stand the thought of having to wear those figureless white paper suit things – if I could jazz it up with heels and a belt and add some gems – then maybe – just maybe… anyhoo…

We’ve already met – but hey, waves – I’m Vicki – a branding, graphics and marketing girl – and I do get told a lot by my tribe that “I am more than a designer” – so there’s not many like me – bold statement I know – and I’ll explain in a mo how I know this, but first let me tell you a few things about me… and not in a showboat kind of way but just so you get an understanding of who I am…

I work from my home office in Fife where I spend my days designing, connecting and having some of the best laughs with simply fabulous women from all over the world. I love it!

I’m married to Mr Ray of Sunshine (AKA Paul – he works in Solar – so he reckons that’s what he is – let’s leave him to believe that). Seriously though – he’s so supportive of me, my work and my business – Mr Cheerleader would sum him up better I think!

I have a love for all things design – from creative ads, interiors, cars – specifically Fiat 500s – jewellery, packaging and let’s not forget slogan sparkly jumpers and floral patterned shirts!

Once Upon a Time…

In 2015 I decided that commuting, juggling my corporate marketing communications job, getting to school on time to drop off and pick up my wee boy just wasn’t going to work and deep down I knew what I needed to do. I had already started to put the feelers out, and what I discovered from the online market was a need for someone like me, to help women who really needed captivating design and branding advice – mixed with hands on practical marketing advice – a proper 360-degree-branding-marketing-design-girl – and not just a brand or business girl – cause they all work in harmony – but someone who can advise, design, support you and deliver your brand to you too – phew – yup – think that covers it.

And so this is where I am now – and I truly adore what I do. I love all things luminous, vibrant and eye-catching – hence my love for all things makeup – I’m a sucker for a good YouTube makeup tutorial and openly admit to spending several hours searching for the perfect nude/pink lipstick – that search may never end!

Like what you see and hear? Would you like to work with me? Then find out below how we can make that happen – ecourses, 1-2-1, premade kits or view my portfolio for some fantastic branding inspiration…

In need of a business makeover? Want to step up your visibility? Work 1-2-1 with me to help you really stand out, get visible and radiate your passion.

Stop wasting time second guessing your design skills. Learn how to professionally design, brand and up-level your business with my online courses.

Stunning designs to ooo and aaaa over. My creative, modern and elegant portfolio showcases some of the many magical designs I have created.

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