Branding 101

In this 30-min video masterclass, branding colour guide, font guide, checklists, branding foundations workbook plus much much more…

Branding 101 is it’s jargon-free and non-confusing mini-course for the online entrepreneur. You’ll learn what branding does and how it adds massive value to your business. Workbooks, videos and practical guides are included to help you discover the very essence of you and your brand and how to inject that into your visual branding going forwards. We cover…

  • Branding Foundations – values, personality, style, vibe, how to create a beautiful captivating brand
  • brand colour guide
  • brand font guide
  • brand foundations fillable workbook
  • consistency checklist
  • brand assets checklist
  • design process explained

All of this to help you lay the foundations of your brand. So you’ll know who you are, what you want to look like, and discover your values to launch your brand.

Branding 101 Course
This is for you if:
  • You want your business to make the right first impression, first time.
  • You want to learn about branding and design and how the two go hand-in-hand.
  • You want your brand to look professional and beautiful and represent YOU.
  • You want a brand that attracts your customers.
  • If you’ve watched heaps of videos and branding and find it all do confusing and a little overwhelming.

What’s inside the Branding 101 Foundations Course? 

It’s an easy to follow 30-min masterclass with an interactive workbook to fill out and follow the masterclass at the same time – so you can type into the PDF – brilliant as you can update as and when you want, chop and change anything and save until your heart’s content. Guides on brand colours, fonts, style, values – you name it – we have to covered to nail the foundations of your branding.

Masterclass, workbook and guides are designed for…

  • entrepreneurs
  • business owners
  • coaches
  • virtual assistants
  • creatives

Ideal for you if you are a business owner and feel you may have strayed from the path a little – this will put you right back on track! It’s a class you can come back to every time you feel you’ve lost the way in your branding, 

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