Are you a Graphic Designer?

Do you… 

  • Want a predictable, profitable and purpose driven business?
  • Want your booking sheet full ALL YEAR ROUND?
  • Want to skyrockets your Graphic Design Business?
  • Want to change everything?
  • Want to grow your creative business at the same as being able to have more time off?
  • Want to start thinking like a business owner not a freelancer?
  • Want to sort out your pricing so you can start predicting what you make in 3-12 months down the line?
  • Want to improve your marketing and branding, up your confidence so that you can show the world that you have arrived and get your booking sheet overflowing with clients?
  • Blitz the belief that as a creative you’re not great at marketing?
  • Want to stop working around the clock?
  • Feel tired and desire more balance, family time and harmony in your life, as well as more income in your business?

I know you desire…

  • A profitable business
  • Predictable income
  • Working on your own terms
  • More time off with the family and for you
  • Perfect clients you love working with
  • A scalable business
  • Having no more feast and famine rollercoaster money months
  • Holidays when you want and days off when you feel like it
  • Not working all day and late nights
  • Knowing your worth and charging accordingly

But you feel lost…

  • And tired cause you’re working all the time
  • And fed up as you never see your family
  • And have no direction and it all feels chaotic
  • And you can’t figure out how to get customers consistently
  • And you thought having your own business was going to be easy but you’re close to burnout
  • And fed up scrambling over all the other graphic designers in Facebook Group posts – it’s exhausting!
  • And you want to show up live on Facebook but the fear holds you back
  • And you want to create more predictable income but can’t figure out how to
  • And see so many cheaper businesses doing the same thing as you and wonder how will you ever get the business

All in all you feel lost, tired and helpless of ever making this business you so love actually work. 

I bet you’re thinking – how does Vicki know this – it’s like she’s speaking directly to me…

Well because I’ve been here myself. I understand what it’s like to not know what money is coming in next month or the months thereafter – because this was me four years ago.

I remember the day I stood in my kitchen crying to my husband as I had no idea what was coming in for the month of December – Christmas month – wowsers – how was I paying for Christmas?

You see I came from a corporate job for two decades where I knew what I was getting at the end of EVERY.SINGLE.MONTH. And then I left that job and four months in on my own business journey I honestly had no idea what I was making in that month. I wasn’t charging for my talent correctly – I was scared of charging people. I was working ALL the hours around the clock and still not making profit. I had no idea who I was, who I served or where I was going with my business – I was so very lost.

The fear of failure was massive – it made me unwell and I was physically exhausted.

Over the last three and I half years I have learned everything there is to know about growing a creative business.

In the last four years I’ve gone from…

  • exhausted
  • fretting about money and lying awake thinking where is the money coming from
  • hiding in my business
  • riding the rollercoaster of feast and famine
  • no time off or holidays
  • being rushed into hospital because I was so sick – there was nothing wrong with me – but I was burnt out


  • going on holidays and not telling anyone – I went for three weeks to New Zealand and never told a soul
  • having sporadic days off when I feel like it
  • spending all summer holidays off with my son
  • making predictable income – I know what I am making in 6-12 months time
  • having a profitable driven brand
  • helping so many incredible women show up, be visible within their businesses and have incredible success
  • marketing with ease
  • being referred over and over again

And the biggest thing of all – I have a balanced, healthy, harmonious and joyful business and home life – I am now living in the house of my dreams with my beautiful boys.

I’ve helped other graphic designers, like you, reclaim their balance in their life, make predictive income for months to come, market their businesses and find dreamy clients with ease and have the time to have time off and grow a business you can be proud of – all at the same time. I can show you exactly how to do the same – you can have it all! I promise.

My Mission…

I have over two decades of marketing, branding, design and business experience, hands on proper, like fingers in the clay experience – I’m an all round 360 degree build your brand and business girl – who delivers practical marketing and business support and I know heaps and heaps about the online market and how to build a brand that you love… it’s my mission to help and support graphic designers and creatives to build profitable, predictable and purpose-driven businesses, so they can have holidays and days off when they wish, spend time with their families and still make profit – that is my whole purpose.

And this is what we’re going to do for you…

…over 3 months working 1-2-1 and includes…

  • 12-week Business Coaching Package for your business.
  • THIS IS NOT A HOW TO BE CREATIVE package – it’s for CREATIVES – just like you – graphic designers, artists, branding designers and illustrators alike.
  • I’ll be your business coach – helping, supporting and mentoring you through every step of our 3 months together.
  • What I will do is inject my decades of experience in business and marketing and branding and we’ll go on a journey together looking at your business as a whole….I’ll help you to overcome any overwhelm, explore ways to make your business more profitable as well as easing and streamlining your systems, marketing and pricing to make your life and business more harmonious and grow.
  • The stuff I will most definitely be doing too is making sure that you understand the money side of you business – something very few coaches do.
  • Initial 90-minute super intensive session by call or video call where we go deep. This is an intensive session to discover where you are, where you want to be, digging deep into your sales, marketing, messaging, mindset, products, services and clients.
  • Thereafter personal coaching sessions every two weeks for an hour by call or video call. 6 calls in total including the intensive session.
  • A written follow up action plan after each coaching session.
  • Access to me via email when you require.
  • Also includes one SOS session if required.
  • A tailored package to what you need specifically to your business – there is no one size fits all.
  • For graphic designers, virtual assistants (specialising in design) or you may even be an illustrator or artist.
  • Pay in full or over 3 or 6 months

This package is £1998 – over 3 or 6 months OR pay in full £1698 (15% discount for pay in full)

I have helped other graphic designers find their mojo again, but don’t take my word for it… 

I first started chatting to Vicki in a Facebook business group in 2016 when I was just starting my own business after returning to work after maternity leave. With us both being Graphic Designers Vicki understood and helped me with any queries I had when first starting up. At the start of 2017 I was rebranding my business and became full time self employed, Vicki was advertising a Graphic Designer Coaching Package and I signed up. This is exactly what I needed to boost my confidence. My business and my motivation has been on a high ever since, her business coaching has kept me focused and determined. I needed that ‘go to person’ to say ‘you can do this’! Vicki is that person for me. I relate to Vicki as we share a passion for branding, design and helping women in business. This passion shines through her Facebook page and she is also very approachable and a lovely person to talk to. Vicki is my go to person when I need a second opinion and I’m forever grateful for all her help and support.

Linzi Atkinson Groom

My time with Vicki came at a time when I was really close to hitting total burn out. I had been fully self employed for around 3 months and I was working 50+ hour weeks and making very little profit. Vicki gave me a major pep talk and helped me to realise exactly how much I was undervaluing myself. She gave me some great tips and sent me away with a plan of action to overhaul my business. Since then, I have began implementing these changes. I have already noticed a huge improvement in my mood and motivation. I have been working less and have already gained my first couple of high paying clients! Thank you so much for the kick up the bum that I desperately needed Vicki!!

Abby Wallace

At the end of the three months you will have a phenomenal graphic design business, that you love, gives your more freedom, balance, harmony as well as predictability and scalability.

  • I promise to provide you with actionable steps that can be easily implemented.
  • I will customise a plan for you to support your growth to help build and scale your business.
  • I will hold you hand and be there for you and help you walk a new path to success
  • I will always answer your emails, return your DMs and messages within a day of reading them.

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