The perfect package for you if you: 

  • Are stuck with your designs  
  • Sit down to create and can’t work out what image to use, or font, or colour – or anything for that matter 
  • Stuck with a name for your business 
  • Are fed up wasting hours deciding if you need a tagline 
  • Are struggling with Canva and have sat for hours and hours and still haven’t created any actual designs 
  • Are frustrated trying to align and inject personality into your brand – you have no idea where to start 
  • Stuck with choosing colour palettes and fonts – it’s just so confusing 
  • Are lost when choosing imagery for your brand 
  • In a muddle with too many ideas and options for bringing together multiple projects – and can’t decide if it’s a personal brand or an umbrella brand you need – or use the existing one you have – or start a new one!!!! 

This package is £127 and includes…

  • A laser focused 45 minute call, either via phone or video to help you bust through your design dramas and move you forward and turn that design dilemma into a design and brand dream 
  • Use my expertise to identify how to move you forward 
  • Help you develop an action plan 
  • Advise you on your visual style, fonts, colours, icons, imagery – you name it, we’ll cover it 
  • Guide and help you on what tools, tips and strategies to help your brand reach its full potential   
  • Identify what the real underlying reason is that’s holding you back from getting to grips with your branding 
  • Get you excited about working within your brand and business again 
  • Get you aligned and out of design overwhelm 

Thanks so much for today, I can already feel the brain fog lifting and really feel you hit on something I hadn’t seen- that my confidence was knocked from the job change last year.  I have basically felt rubbish about that business since I finished working with them!

All of the things we spoke about really helped and I now feel excited to find a font, build a logo and get the metallic colours!!!!

Thank you so much for all the links and the drop box folder of goodies….. and the canva course wow! Thank you that is really kind of you; I found your free one a huge help so I know this one will be amazing, I cant wait to get the link and start!!

Laura Llewellyn

Laura Llewellyn Design

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