The perfect package for you if you: 

  • Are stuck in your business and need to break free from the confusion
  • Need some help, advice and support on where to turn next in your business
  • Brainstorm ideas to get your more clarity, visibility and consistency in your business
  • Need to define and align your messaging
  • Need strategy on how to make your business more profitable and scalable
  • Can’t seem to align all your graphics and get consistent across your branding 
  • Sit down to create and can’t work out what image to use, or font, or colour – or anything for that matter 
  • Can’t find a way to align your values with your branding or create the right emotion from it all
  • Are fed up wasting hours deciding if you need a tagline 
  • Are struggling with Canva and have sat for hours and hours and still haven’t created any actual designs 
  • Are frustrated trying to align and inject personality into your brand – you have no idea where to start 
  • Stuck with choosing colour palettes and fonts – it’s just so confusing 
  • Are lost when choosing imagery for your brand 
  • In a muddle with too many ideas and options for bringing together multiple projects – and can’t decide if it’s a personal brand or an umbrella brand you need – or use the existing one you have – or start a new one!!!! 

This package is £97 and includes…

  • A laser focused 60 minute call, either via phone or video to help you bust through your design dramas and move you forward and turn that design dilemma into a design and brand dream 
  • Within the hour you’ll have a step by step plan to boost your brand and take your business to the next level.
  • Use my business strategy, marketing and branding expertise to identify how to move you forward 
  • Help you develop an action plan 
  • Advise you on your visual style, fonts, colours, icons, imagery – you name it, we’ll cover it 
  • Guide and help you on what tools, tips and strategies to help your brand reach its full potential   
  • Identify what the real underlying reason is that’s holding you back from getting to grips with your branding 
  • Get you excited about working within your brand and business again 
  • Get you aligned and out of design overwhelm 

Thanks so much for today, I can already feel the brain fog lifting and really feel you hit on something I hadn’t seen- that my confidence was knocked from the job change last year.  I have basically felt rubbish about that business since I finished working with them!

All of the things we spoke about really helped and I now feel excited to find a font, build a logo and get the metallic colours!!!!

Laura Llewellyn

Laura Llewellyn Design

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