In this masterclass you’ll learn how to…

  • create and plan your business with visuals for entire year
  • tap into your customer’s head and target them profitably
  • create your marketing content & messaging with visuals
  • create a one page business/marketing game plan
  • goal set and how to actually smash those goals
  • ALL WITH VISUALS – it’s a visual business planning extravaganza

It’s the class you’ve been waiting for… design for…

  • entrepreneurs
  • business owners
  • coaches
  • virtual assistants
  • creatives

How to plan, strategise and market your business with joy, ease and clarity – all with visuals. I show you how to create a one page business vision that will allow you to set achievable goals, tap into how you feel about your business, tap into your customers needs and wants and how to create a business you can be proud of.

I created this class having been asked so many time how I organised and plan my business. How I turn up consistently – well – I am showing you how in this masterclass. The workbook will allow you to create a business plan to increase your clarity, consistency and visibility in your brand easily, quickly and joyfully.

Ideal for you if you are a business owner and feel you may have strayed from the path a little – this will put you right back on track! It’s a class you can come back to every month, 6-months or year to help you increase your profits, nail your messaging and get consistent in your business to grow your brand. 

The course includes a video masterclass (32 mins) and interactive fillable workbook (45 page). 

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